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Tim Felgentreff timfelgentreff at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 14:43:51 UTC 2016


I sent around a note earlier about a benchmarking tool that we're using
internally to track RSqueak/VM performance on each commit. Every time Eliot
releases a new set of Cog VMs, I also manually trigger the system to run
benchmarks on Cog. (Once we move the proper VM to Github, I will set it up
so we test each commit on the main development branch and the release
branch, too, so we will have very detailed breakdowns.) We wanted to share
this setup and the results with the community.

We're collecting results in a Codespeed website (just a frontend to present
the data) which we moved to speed.squeak.org today, and it is also linked
from the squeak.org website (http://squeak.org/codespeed/).

We have some info about the setup on the about page:
http://speed.squeak.org/about. On the Changes tab, you can see the most
recent results per platform and environment, with details about the
machines on the bottom. Note that we calculate all the statistics on the
workers themselves and only send the time and std dev, so the results' min
and max values you see on the website are bogus.

Finally, the code for the workers also is on Github (
https://github.com/HPI-SWA-Lab/RSqueak-Benchmarking) and the Benchmarks are
all organized in Squeaksource (
Right now I've just dumped benchmarks from various sources in there, that's
why you see the same benchmark implemented multiple times in different
ways, and some micro benchmarks don't make too much sense as they are.
We're happy to get comments, feedback, or updated versions of the
benchmarking packages. Updating the benchmarking code is easy, and we hope
this setup proves to be useful enough for the community to warrant
continuously updating and extending the set of benchmarks.

We are also planning to add more platforms, the setup should make this
fairly painless, we just need the dedicated machines. We've been testing
the standard Cog/Spur VM on a Ubuntu machine, and today we added a
Raspberry Pi 1 that is still churning through the latest Cog and RSqueak/VM
commits. We'd like to add a Mac and a Windows box, and maybe SqueakJS and
other builds of the Squeak VM, too.

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