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Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Wed Jun 22 08:40:52 UTC 2016

Hi all

I was curious about the relative distribution of characters in Squeak Code.
I sampled the source code[1] and drew a histogram (Attached)
Here are my results:

- The most frequent (printable) characters are in order


  and more detailed, the 90 most frequent characters:

	etarsoinl:cdfumhpg.ybwSv"=1CT'x][0F)(k2ANPI|M^B4O7D6R3598#EL-,zWVjU;H+q/>*<G at KX${}YQZJ\~?!

- This is quit close to actual English:


- Observations:
  - The most frequent punctuation is : and . follows quite long after.
  - Cascading is comparatively rare. We have more blocks and equality/identity comparisons than ;
  - Blocks are more common than parenthesis and literal arrays
  - You cannot spell ifTrue or ifFalse with the 20 most common characters
  - ifTrue: is far more common than ifFalse:
  - The most frequent uppercase Character is S. I have no conjecture here, tho.
- Comparison:
  - Here's C, sampling the Linux kernel:

    - under_score_case vs. camelCase is rather obvious.
    - (not displayed but tab and newline are amog the 6 most frequent characters!)
    - Punctuation starts much earlier.
    - The beginning differs a lot, the ending not so much.
    - 0 is far more important than 1
    - : is unimportant

  - Here's Ruby, sampling Rails:


    - underscore shows, but not so much as in C.
    - The : is (like in Smalltalk) more important
    - Uppercase is more uncommon than in both C and Smalltalk.

Have fun!

Best regards

" Uses the new HistogramMorph "
| characterFrequency |
CurrentReadOnlySourceFiles cacheDuring: [
	characterFrequency := ((CompiledMethod allInstances select: 
		[:method | (method allLiterals detectSum: 
			[:lit | lit isCollection ifFalse: [0] ifTrue: [lit size]]) < 1500])
		gather: [:method | method getSource
			reject: [:c |c isSeparator]]) asBag].

(HistogramMorph on: characterFrequency)
	labelBlock: [:c | c codePoint > 32 ifTrue:[c asString] ifFalse: [c printString]];
((characterFrequency sortedCounts collect: [:ea | ea value]) first: 90) join.

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