[squeak-dev] re: Environment declarations vs bindings

Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Tue Oct 4 09:14:42 UTC 2016


     We don't need a system dictionary at all. We can make each class
responsible for its own name literal, use subclass/metaclass references
for reachability, and make all other globals the responsibility of some
class. Every class can have any name; the execution machinery doesn't
care. Other metadata about classes (e.g., author) can be used to
disambiguate their names when compiling sources. We can store all that
metadata in a module system, to manage the history of all versions of
all classes and methods in the system.

     The Naiad module system that I wrote[1] implements this. I've
adapted it to the latest Squeak and plan to release it this month.


[1] http://thiscontext.com/naiad

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