[squeak-dev] re: Environment declarations vs bindings

Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Tue Oct 4 09:14:49 UTC 2016


     Edgar writes:

> We NEED a Kernel and a Core Squeak without experiments. And people
> should be able to load Traits or Environments or SeeWhatCoolIsThese
> if they choose to do so. And the rest of us live without pain.
> By the way Alejandro Reimondo have his old Fenix image builder as
> subclass of Environments of Dan Ingalls and Guille Polito and Pharo
> guys have his Kernel building tool as kind of Environments.

     I have adapted the Naiad module system[1] to the latest Squeak, and
plan to release it this month. Naiad enables loading and unloading
modules, so you can maintain a minimal system without experiments.


[1] http://thiscontext.com/naiad

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