[squeak-dev] Re: Announce: whisper updated

Robert Withers robert.w.withers at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 18:02:51 UTC 2016

Though the whisper code is currently language inter-inoperable, the 
latest code is being hosted on gitlab with International Rabbits, as 
voix-basse-mourde. Here is the code: 

If you would like to help, Java could be brought forwards adding 
PBEReader/PBEWriter, dataEncoding negotiation, 
SecureSessionSpecification with filtered cryptoProtocolNames, 
dataEncoderNames, scopeMaker and the traceDomains to parameterize the 
server behavior. On the Smalltalk side, Whisper_json, Whisper_magma and 
Whisper_fuel could be implemented. Matching JSON on the Java side. FEC 
Reed-Solomon could be tested and repaired (it's broken).

kerkkutatti is the Java code for remote promises and has the Smalltalk 
porcini code too. With Whisper's new SecureServerSpecification, the 
injection of a scopeMaker and encoder is all the config after push into 
the stack. Lots of work there on both sides, to get them talking.

If you want to help, have a beer and I'll match you, let me know what 
you want to work on and I can add you as a gitlab rabbit.


On 10/16/2016 7:22 PM, Robert Withers wrote:
> Folks, I have updated whisper or SecureSession to provide 
> Java/Squeak/Pharo interoperability. I am no longer able to access the 
> Cryptography repo so I cannot push code, but the squeak/pharo code is 
> in the squeak-pharo directory in the whisper github project. Here is 
> the GitPages link: https://robertwithers.github.io/whisper, with all 
> other links.
>     whisper is osi Layer 5 SecureSession with modern crypto:
>     Java/Squeak/Pharo interoperability.
>       * flips normative osi layer 5 and 6 on its head: now, 5 is
>         crypto and 6 is session state resumption
>       * 3-way DH-2048/RSA-2048/RSAPublicKey ASN1DER encoding
>       * 256-bit AES/CBC/PKCS7Padding, 128-bit IV, 160-bit SHA1 E&M
>       * PBEEncryptorAES-256 with PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1
> Rob

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