[squeak-dev] Publishing Fix for SVGMorph

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Wed Dec 6 02:01:46 UTC 2017

On Tue, Dec 05, 2017 at 09:56:40PM +0000, Beckmann, Tom wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> is there currently a way for me to publish a small fix for the SVGMorph [1]? I already tried signing up on map.squeak.org to figure out the way from there, but the confirmation mail never arrived.
> Thanks in advance!
> Tom
> [1]: http://map.squeak.org/sm/packagebyname/svgmorph

Hi Tom,

I think that SVGMorph is a project that may no longer be maintained.
It was created by Gary Chambers, who developed it through at least 2007,
but may not be actively supporting it any more.

In addition to his account on http://map.squeak.org, Gary also has an
account on http://squeaksource.com, and his email address is listed
there as gary at pinesoft.co.uk. This is probably still a valid address,
because the Pinesoft web site lists him as part of their team:


If you are interested in working with or contributing to SVGMorph, then
here is what I would suggest:

- Send an email to Gary Chambers, and ask him if he would be willing to
have SVGMorph put on squeaksource.com, with you and Gary as developers.

- Also ask Gary to say what is the license for SVGMorph. The preferred
answer to this question is "MIT license". We need to know this, because
we do not want to copy anyone's work without respecting their licensing

If Gary responds, and indicates that he agrees that we can do this, then
I will be happy to help you put SVGMorph into the squeaksource repository,
and set it up so that you can contribute your updates there.


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