[squeak-dev] Cryptography/SSH dependencies

henry henry at callistohouse.club
Sun Dec 10 19:37:56 UTC 2017

I lost that code, completely. I will work to implement inside of SSH and let you know as it progresses. It is the core framework for how these layers form a stack so this is a challenge. Big error in repo management! I had totally forgot that package, named ProtocolLayer, was used in SSH. It was used in SqueakELib, many moons ago. Damnation I screwed it all up. :( If by any chance there is a repo backup from several years ago, it may be there. That would be outstanding if it were found.

To let you know that code has evolved  inside of ParrotTalk and is now known as the ThunkRoot/ThunkLayer and ThunkStack.

I will work to fix SSH, I am quite upset at myself for leaving you stranded.

- HH

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> Oh crap, that was my fault. I deleted the package ProtocolLayer from the repo and I cannot find it in any of my local backup code, from the past year. I had the dependency on that code in another project, which I collapsed into an older package. I will continue to look for those classes in that older package, but there have been many renames and repackages, so it will take some time. Totally my fault. I will try to resurrect it for you.
> Not that I am recommending you rewrite that code, if it comes to it I will try to do so. One thing you could do to see the code in-image, I have had to do before, is open a snapshot browser of SSH, go to the classes that depend on these classes and redefine as subclasses of Object, then load the instance and class protocols, all to get non-functional code into image to browse it. Of course, you would be interested in running the SSH code so I will do my best to extract these classes if I can find them for you to be successful.
> So sorry for mismanaging this.
> Rob Withers posting as Henry
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>> Subject: [squeak-dev] Cryptography/SSH dependencies
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>> Hi all,
>> I wanted to take a look at the SSH package in the Cryptography
>> repository http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography, but when I try to
>> load it I get the following dependency issues:
>> This package depends on the following classes:
>> DuplexProtocolStackBottomCap
>> ProtocolLayer
>> HalfDuplexProtocol
>> DuplexProtocolStackTopCap
>> You must resolve these dependencies before you will be able to load
>> these definitions: ...
>> Can someone tell me to which packages these classes belong and where
>> to find them?
>> I did not find a Metacello configuration for Cryptography. If somebody
>> knows of one, I would also like to hear about that.
>> Best regards,
>> Jakob
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