[squeak-dev] An Alan Kay talk archive site

Yoshiki Ohshima Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm.org
Sat Dec 16 03:54:14 UTC 2017


I've been making a simple web site of collection of Alan Kay talks
(and other materials in the future).


For three of those movies, I cleaned up the transcript, put
annotation. and inserted the original visual material. For example,
his Turing Award Lecture, he used Squeak and Croquet.  I recreated the
demo by using those old images and inserted it to the movie of the


For others talks, we have machine generated transcript but they are
not quite comprehensible.  But the good news is that the site is Wiki;
so if you are willing to help us, you can edit the site!  For now, I'd
think that we'd focus on cleaning up transcript and then some of us
can put annotations after that.  If some of you take time to help us,
that would be really great!

Over time, we'd like to have other contents such as papers, related
materials, and actual runnable demos. I don't think SqueakJS can run
Alan's flagship images that are over 100MB, and even if it did, Etoys
is not quite fast enough.  For some time, he used a system called
Frank, which is hosted in a Squeak environment but used its own
special graphics system.  That does not run in browsers.  If you have
some suggestions how to make things available, please let me know.

Besides that, if you have suggestions on possible organizations,
please also let me know.  For example, as we get more talks cleaned
up, we can cross link them by topics and themes, etc.  As a start, I
put some effort on the site so that when you click on the transcript,
the movie jumps to the part; I could imagine to have some different UI
there to be able to jump to different contents; but it is not clear to
me until we have some more movies.

-- Yoshiki

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