[squeak-dev] Is there a calendar morph?

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Fri Dec 22 07:42:08 UTC 2017

Hi Lou,

you can try wrapping it into a transform morph:

(TransformationMorph new asFlexOf: CalendarMorph new)
smoothing: 8;
extent: 500 at 500;
topLeft: 0 at 0;

Am 21.12.2017 21:32:28 schrieb Herbert K├Ânig <herbertkoenig at gmx.net>:
Hi Lou,

entering 'Calendar' in the search field will give you a CalendarMorph.
Nope to fullscreen as you see in the image.
The version in Squeak 3.8 below was better suited but the numbers still don't scale. The blue background is an extension of mine.



Am 20.12.2017 um 22:26 schrieb Louis LaBrunda:

Hi All, My clock morph is coming along nicely thanks to Tim and Bob. It is intended to be used on a full screen display. Since displays are rectangular I'm thinking of putting the clock on one side and maybe a calendar on the other. Is there a calendar morph or a grid morph I can use to make a calendar morph? Any suggestions? Lou
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