[squeak-dev] ArchiveViewer bug related to ZipNewFileMember>>rewindData

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Dec 23 19:22:48 UTC 2017

Between 5.0 & 5.1 the archive viewer got broken; if you make an a zip archive from a file in the FileList and click on the file in the viewer list we get an error because the file stream is closed and so StandardFileStream>>primSize: fails.

So far as I can tell from a quick look this stems from a change Chris M made to close the stream in ZipNewFileMember>>from: (dated 7/16/2015 15:29) - which seems like a pretty sensible thing to do to be honest. Most likely all that is needed is to reopen the stream as part of the rewind but maybe someone with a bit more recollection of how the inner workings of the zip viewer works might like to take a look. Maybe it just needs to use a few sends of the #openStreamWhile: that got added at the same time? As a wild guess, the file really needs to be open during the execution of #extractTo:from:to: in order to provide the data required  by ArchiveViewer>>briefContents ?

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