[squeak-dev] Squeak Oversight Board Election 2017

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun Jan 22 23:41:59 UTC 2017

On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 09:07:50PM -0500, Ron Teitelbaum wrote:
> Hi All,
> It's that time again.  Time to raise your voices and elect your leaders!
> Can you believe it's been a year already?  
> It's a time for you to stand up, help your community and volunteer to serve!

I am running for the Squeak Oversight Board this year.

I am a long time member of the Squeak community, and a current member of
the board. As a strictly non-commercial participant in Squeak, I also have
a background in technology management and corporate IT. For nearly two
decades, I have been able to look to Squeak for both inspiration and learning.

Quite a few things have changed in the years since Squeak first emerged as
the free and open source Smalltalk system that we know today. What has
never changed, and is perhaps more important now than ever, are the core values
of a human-focused system that can be understood, adapted, and used by a
curious individual. That person might be a young child, a professional
technology professional, a researcher, a creative artist, a university student,
or just a hobby programmer like me.

I am looking forward to the next 20 years, and I would be happy and honored
to be a part of the board in 2017.


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