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Mon Jul 3 23:18:43 UTC 2017

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of 46Deprecated to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: 46Deprecated-eem.6
Author: eem
Time: 3 July 2017, 4:18:34.838848 pm
UUID: 026768f4-9d02-4f20-b6f3-fc112cd2c4b0
Ancestors: 46Deprecated-topa.5

Use the abstract class-side interface for image segment use now that we have both LegacyImageSegment and NativeImageSegment.

=============== Diff against 46Deprecated-topa.5 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MorphicProject>>exportSegmentWithCatagories:classes:fileName:directory: (in category '*46Deprecated') -----
  exportSegmentWithCatagories: catList classes: classList fileName: aFileName directory: aDirectory
  	"Store my project out on the disk as an *exported* ImageSegment.  All outPointers will be in a form that can be resolved in the target image.  Name it <project name>.extSeg.  What do we do about subProjects, especially if they are out as local image segments?  Force them to come in?
  	Player classes are included automatically."
  	| is str ans revertSeg roots holder |
  	self flag: #toRemove.
  	self halt.  "unused"
  	"world == World ifTrue: [^ false]."
  		"self inform: 'Can''t send the current world out'."
  	world ifNil: [^ false].  world presenter ifNil: [^ false].
  	ScrapBook default emptyScrapBook.
  	world currentHand pasteBuffer: nil.	  "don't write the paste buffer."
  	world currentHand mouseOverHandler initialize.	  "forget about any references here"
  		"Display checkCurrentHandForObjectToPaste."
  	Command initialize.
  	world clearCommandHistory.
  	world fullReleaseCachedState; releaseViewers. 
  	world cleanseStepList.
  	world localFlapTabs size = world flapTabs size ifFalse: [
  		self error: 'Still holding onto Global flaps'].
  	world releaseSqueakPages.
  	holder := Project allProjects.	"force them in to outPointers, where DiskProxys are made"
  	"Just export me, not my previous version"
  	revertSeg := self parameterAt: #revertToMe.
  	self projectParameters removeKey: #revertToMe ifAbsent: [].
  	roots := OrderedCollection new.
  	roots add: self; add: world; add: transcript; add: changeSet; add: thumbnail.
  	roots add: world activeHand; addAll: classList; addAll: (classList collect: [:cls | cls class]).
  	roots := roots reject: [ :x | x isNil].	"early saves may not have active hand or thumbnail"
  	catList do: [:sysCat | 
  		(SystemOrganization listAtCategoryNamed: sysCat asSymbol) do: [:symb |
  			roots add: (Smalltalk at: symb); add: (Smalltalk at: symb) class]].
+ 	is := ImageSegment copySmartRootsExport: roots asArray.
- 	is := ImageSegment new copySmartRootsExport: roots asArray.
  		"old way was (is := ImageSegment new copyFromRootsForExport: roots asArray)"
  	is state = #tooBig ifTrue: [^ false].
  	str := ''.
  	"considered legal to save a project that has never been entered"
  	(is outPointers includes: world) ifTrue: [
  		str := str, '\Project''s own world is not in the segment.' withCRs].
  	str isEmpty ifFalse: [
  		ans := (UIManager default
  				 chooseFrom: #('Do not write file' 'Write file anyway' 'Debug')
  				 title: str).
  		ans = 1 ifTrue: [
  			revertSeg ifNotNil: [self projectParameterAt: #revertToMe put: revertSeg].
  			^ false].
  		ans = 3 ifTrue: [self halt: 'Segment not written']].
  	is writeForExportWithSources: aFileName inDirectory: aDirectory.
  	revertSeg ifNotNil: [self projectParameterAt: #revertToMe put: revertSeg].
  	world flapTabs do: [:ft | 
  			(ft respondsTo: #unhibernate) ifTrue: [ft unhibernate]].
  	is arrayOfRoots do: [:obj |
  		obj isScriptEditorMorph ifTrue: [obj unhibernate]].
  	^ true

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