[squeak-dev] Several versions of Multilingual in inbox could do with review

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 01:27:11 UTC 2017

Hi Patrick, Hi Levente, Hi ALl,

    I just did a simple fix for two test failures in UTF16TextConverterTest
and committed to inbox only to discover that there are several other
versions waiting review.  In particular Monty has submitted a substantial
change.  Let me ask that those people who understand the txt converter
framework have a look at these proposals.

Another observation is that there are a couple of methods
(UTF16TextConverter UTF32TextConverter) that do this:

latin1Encodings := latin1Encodings collect: [:each |
each ifNotNil: [each reverse]]

but reverse (quite rightly) isn't implemented in Squeak.  It's
meaningless.  One needs to specify a byte size and reverse for that byte
size, e.g.  1 reversed in UTF16TextConverter would be 256, but in
UTF32TextConverter would be 16777216, right?

But since the latin1Encodings in both  UTF16TextConverter
UTF32TextConverter are (rightly) all nil these could just as well be
implemented as ^self.

best, Eliot
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