[squeak-dev] Object new becomeForward: #normal

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 21:26:29 UTC 2017

>>> The former is technically impossible due to different object
>>> representations, the latter is possible and not restricted at all. For
>>> example, true and false are not immediate objects, you can use #become*: on
>>> them to blow your image up.
>>> So, there's no restriction at all if it's technically possible to use
>>> #become*:.
>>> The responsibility model is the simplest here: use at your own risk.
>>> Since this comes up every once in a while, I suggest a comment be added
>>> to those methods stating the responsibility model explicitly.
>> +1

Why express +1 for the responsibility model for use of become: (which
I agree with), but not for mutating objects?

>> *Especially* a warning that becomeForward: does modify the target's hash.

I assume this is not referring to a Warning signal here, but just
something in the comment.  But even that wouldn't be necessary as long
as the indirection remains, since the "copyHash: false" code makes
that very clear.

>>> I don't know how the VM handles immutability in this case, but it's
>>> possible that it wouldn't let #become*: affect immutable objects.
>> I think that would be fine, you should be able to become an immutable
>> object and vice versa.
>>> On the other hand, I'm sure it would let you change fields of immutable
>>> objects via #become*:, but that's not an issue in your case.
>> This is debatable ... I would rather have the VM raise an error when
>> trying to become a field of an immutable object. Immutable should mean
>> immutable, no?

So for bulkBecome:, will the error mean it becomed some of them (the
ones that that could), but not all?   It's getting complex!

> However, it seems to me that becomerForward: doing a copyHash is itself a
> bug.  What's the rationale for copying the receiver's hash to the target
> object?

For when you become a Proxy object to a Symbol selector to perform,
which are keys in MethodDictionary's.  It's absolutely essential.


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