[squeak-dev] Recent change in byte array at:put:

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Jul 29 19:15:57 UTC 2017

We recently changed ByteArray>at:put: to remove the backup conversion of the value to integer, for what seemed like decent reasons.

It’s broken my WeatherStation code a little because there are places where I use
{my byte stream} nextPutAll: (aString squeakToUtf8)
or similar. #squeakToUtf8 returns a bytestring, and of course when the #nextPutAll: loop does its thing each character is pulled out as a Character (even though we know at this point it’s a byte value) - and we’ve just made it impossible to stick a character into a byte array.

Clearly I could fix it reasonably trivially with a few #asByteArray type messages scattered around but it feels a bit tacky somehow. I see some faintly similar code with plausibly similar issues in WebSocket classes too, which would need some care. Not that I can see a lot of usage of that code…

Performance isn’t a colossal issue for MQTT packets but it just rankles a bit to have a known byte valued string and then have to convert it to write it into a byte valued stream collection. KnowWhadIMean? 

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