[squeak-dev] Planet squeak and friends

Bruce O'Neel bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch
Sun Jun 25 14:54:19 UTC 2017

This now seems to work though there are a few points:  
* [http://pharo.org/news/atom.xml](http://pharo.org/news/atom.xml) gives me a 502, but, [http://pharo.org/news/](http://pharo.org/news/atom.xml) works fine.  Could someone look into this please?  
* I have renamed any site that still responds but has not been updated in 2017 to Historical - site name.  There are sadly only 6 sites NOT marked historical and 16 marked historical.  Surely there are some other squeak/pharo/?? blogs, right?  If so, please send them to me!  
* In a few weeks most of the historical sites will disapear.    
* I've not looked hard at any other than planet.squeak.org.   
* Planetfr.squeak.org had no sites.  Should we keep it?  
* As sad as I might be about it, croquet seems to have passed on.  Should I just get rid of planetcroquet?  
Thanks.  And thanks for the responses before.  I'll implement them, don't worry.  

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