[squeak-dev] Planet squeak and friends

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sun Jun 25 18:33:11 UTC 2017

Hi Bruce, thanks for working on it.

I see you've moved planet*.squeak.org to another server and are making 
updates. Great!

On 6/25/17 7:54 AM, Bruce O'Neel wrote:
> This now seems to work though there are a few points:
> * [http://pharo.org/news/atom.xml](http://pharo.org/news/atom.xml) gives me a 502, but, [http://pharo.org/news/](http://pharo.org/news/atom.xml) works fine.  Could someone look into this please?

That's a little confusing. Are you moving/mirroring planet squeak to the 
pharo.org namespace ?

> * I have renamed any site that still responds but has not been updated in 2017 to Historical - site name.  There are sadly only 6 sites NOT marked historical and 16 marked historical.  Surely there are some other squeak/pharo/?? blogs, right?  If so, please send them to me!
> * In a few weeks most of the historical sites will disapear.Â

Sounds good, I guess.

> * I've not looked hard at any other than planet.squeak.org.Â
> * Planetfr.squeak.org had no sites.  Should we keep it?
> * As sad as I might be about it, croquet seems to have passed on.  Should I just get rid of planetcroquet?


How about putting planetes on leave as well. It doesn't make sense to 
have an aggregator for one active feed.

Any of these could be revived later if necessary. Or the active feeds 
could be merged into the main planet, unless the mixed languages make 
that too noisy.

planetmisc.squeak.org - I've never heard of anyone using this, your call..

planet.smalltalk.org - hmm, still going strong. Do you think it still 
makes sense to have squeak-ish planet(s) separate from planet smalltalk 
? Would it be better to focus everything there instead ?


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