[squeak-dev] [ANN] Revamping the Squeak Swiki

Benoit St-Jean bstjean at yahoo.com
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Quick suggestion : an integrated tool to detect broken links would be useful.  First link I cliecked (Squeak People) is broken...
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I learnig how to made Web 2.0 with a minimal Smalltalk based server.I think i have a near to alpha thing and ask you a few minutes and feedback.Is real wiki converted to  objects.Have “pages” indexed by title.You could easily delete unused pages.Have author for each page. Only the author could delete or edit the page.I also borrow the https://news.squeak.org/ links, deleting dead linksIs synchronized with real swim once a day.Now runs on a Optiplex l170 with Ubuntu mate an d Debian stack VM .The running version have many Spanish pages for my own use, skip Still have bugs, but could give a idea what you could do with Kom + HV + MyCodeThe running .image is Squeak derivated fork , but could run in Cuis or this Cuis fork http://squeakros.org/CuiSantafesino.4.zip
If you wish try type www.squeakros.org and when ask user is ‘visita’ without passAnd if you are bold enough for having a user,  email me.

Edgar at morplenauta

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