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Thu Mar 30 22:20:37 UTC 2017

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-eem.944
Author: eem
Time: 30 March 2017, 3:20:14.605252 pm
UUID: 2723331f-0c11-4484-a28e-7b9c5f6a9b3a
Ancestors: System-eem.943

Commit the essential cange of reference from MethodContext to Context before commiting the Kernel that does away with MethodContext.

=============== Diff against System-eem.943 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: WrappedBreakpoint>>run:with:in: (in category 'evaluation') -----
  run: aSelector with: anArray in: aReceiver
  	| process |
  	process := Process 
+ 		forContext: (Context
- 		forContext: (MethodContext
  			sender: thisContext sender
  			receiver: aReceiver
  			method: method
  			arguments: anArray)
  		priority: Processor activeProcess priority.
+ 		debug: process
+ 		context: process suspendedContext
- 		debug: process context: process suspendedContext
  		label:  'Breakpoint in ' , method methodClass name , '>>#' , method selector
+ 		contents: nil
+ 		fullView: true.
- 		contents: nil fullView: true.
  	Project current spawnNewProcessIfThisIsUI: Processor activeProcess.
  	thisContext swapSender: nil.
+ 	Processor activeProcess terminate!
- 	Processor activeProcess terminate.!

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