[squeak-dev] How should one implement a custom window color for a custom window?

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Mon Sep 18 09:17:35 UTC 2017

Well, "Smalltalk cleanUp:except:" does exactly that, it iterates over all classes. :-) The call "UserInterfaceTheme cleanUp: true" was just an ad-hoc, oversimplified example for programmers to try out.

I just added a new test for the themes. If the integrity of a theme is broken, one can just browse all senders of #userInterfaceTheme and debug. I claim that it is quite simple to diagnose. :)

Am 18.09.2017 11:12:52 schrieb St├ęphane Rollandin <lecteur at zogotounga.net>:
> As for your GC concerns: Can you construct a more elaborate example? If
> your environment experiences a severe memory issue, you should just try
> to clean-up the system like in the release process:

I have no problem in my images, it's just by perusing the code that I
saw that #userInterfaceTheme requires a specific handling.

What worries me is not the normal usage of #userInterfaceTheme, which
works fine, it is how technically easy it is to mess things up, although
I do not see that happening too often or at all actually. But if it
happens sometime, somewhere, it will be a silent bug difficult to diagnose.

BTW I see that the #cleanUp: method will indeed reset all stacks in
hard-coded subclasses of UserInterfaceTheme, but it will not do so for
possibly existing other subclasses. So if I create my own
MuOInterfaceTheme for example, I will also need to monkey-patch
#cleanUp:.. Maybe we should iterate long #allSubclasses?


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