[squeak-dev] Abusing #userInterfaceTheme

St├ęphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Tue Sep 19 08:44:25 UTC 2017


I would like to offer some technical feedback here, please do not take 
it as a complaint directed against anyone's good work. In particular, 
thanks again to all involved in designing the theming system. Only, 
there are some worrisome issues in my opinion. Here we go:

1) The code below raises a DNU for #hardShadowOffset in SqueakTheme, 
because #userInterfaceTheme is not used as intented (after 
#softShadowOffset is sent, m gets popped out of the theme scope and is 
not there anymore when #hardShadowOffset is sent):

	| m uit |

	m := Morph new.
	uit := m userInterfaceTheme.
	{uit softShadowOffset . uit hardShadowOffset}

However, for someone not aware of the intricacies of UserInterfaceTheme, 
the code seems fine. In my opinion this is not a good state of affair.

Maybe the error raised here could be more explicit and in line with what 
is really happening in the DNU, such as "There is no object in scope at 
the moment".

2) Now consider the following code:

	| m1 uit1 m2 uit2 |

	m2 := BalloonMorph new.
	uit2 := m2 userInterfaceTheme .

	m1 := Morph new.
	uit1 := m1 userInterfaceTheme.

	{uit1 color . uit1 color}

When I evaluate it I get {nil . Color lightYellow1}

This is because while the first "uit1 color" does redirect to m1, the 
second "uit1 color" redirects to m2 now that m1 has been popped out of 
scope. This time there is no error raised, but the result is very 

3) For the record let me recall that doing

    100 timesRepeat: [Morph new userInterfaceTheme]

results in having the current theme referencing 100 morphs that will 
never be automatically garbage-collected.

Overall the three above points make me think that the method 
#userInterfaceTheme is much too easy to unknowingly abuse of, and when 
this happens undesirable behaviors can be rather difficult to make sense of.

At the moment the method comment is:
"Call this to conveniently access properties from the current user 
interface theme."

I believe it needs some explicit warnings about how not to use it.

Just my 2 cents...


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