[squeak-dev] Squeak graphics colloquium

Alan Grimes alonzotg at verizon.net
Wed Sep 20 18:11:18 UTC 2017

I'm perplexed why Squeak hasn't been abandoned in favor of OpenCroquet/cobalt... Instead it seems the reverse has happened... =\ 

In terms of standards, Vulkan is the future so yeah, OpenCroquet would have to be ported to Vulkan. But then you would need a SPIR compiler and a bunch of other stuff... 

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Tim Rowledge wrote on: Mon, 18 Sep 2017 17:35:41 -0700> The board has been chewing over the sensible options for future graphics in> Squeak and would like to engage the general community. We?ve had a lot of> exciting projects over the years and failed to make much good use of them> for whatever reason. What should we do to improve things - OpenGL? Nile?> Skia? WishFulfillmentGraphics 3.0 ?> > So, if you?re interested, please try to join us at a google hangout next weds> @ 10am PDT - I?ll send out an invitation link then since that seems to be how> it works these days.Would next weds mean September 20 or 27? The first case would be thesame time as the board meeting, right?Thanks for organizing this!-- Jecel

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