[squeak-dev] Cannot rename class vars via Refactoring Tools menu

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Mon Sep 25 16:42:43 UTC 2017

Thanks for this explanation! :)

Am 25.09.2017 18:35:14 schrieb sst <ssmith2112 at outlook.com>:
Thank you very much Marcel for the quick reply and the fix. I had found the
offending method :-) (renameClassVarRefactoring) and was about to make the
fix and post it.

For those interested in the steps to find the method that was incorrect:
1. metaclick (to bring up the halos) on the popup menu where you select
'refactor class var' in the system browser
2. select the debug icon and select 'explore morph'
3. expand the submorphs branch
4. expand the 'refactor class var' branch
5. expand subMenu
6. expand submorphs and select the branch 'rename' (this is the menu item
exhibiting the problem)
7. look at the 'selector' and 'arguments' values - 'arguments' contains the
method name that is exhibiting the problem
8. use the method finder tool to navigate to renameClassVarRefactoring
9. now you know where the problem is and can debug the code (but Marcel has
already done this :)


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