[squeak-dev] UserInterfaceTheme testing & TestRunner

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Sep 25 21:43:28 UTC 2017

I tried running the tests on UserInterfaceThem to check I hadn’t broken too much and as is so often the case on slower machines some of the tests timed out. It’s not a simply replicatable thing either, with each run producing different tests that ‘fail’ this way.

So the obvious thing to day was 
a) add a timeout: pragma to the tests that seem to be slow
b) add an option to profile an individual test

While running these to play with them I managed to occasionally lock up the input process, which I’d make a wild guess might be something to do with the debugging etc in the testrunner code. It’s not reliable enough to get a good handle on it. It did, however manage to completely lock up the Pi on one occasion - not merely Squeak but the entire Pi. Attempts to login remotely had no effect. Naughty, naughty somewhere in the stack.

Whilst writing this little extension I noticed some code of a form I’m not keen on. Perhaps there is a good solid reason for it to be like this that I’m unaware of - 
	self result instVarNamed: 'failures' put: Set new.
	self runSuite: self suiteFailures.
(similar in runErrors)
There’s not often a good reason to use #instVarNamed:put: and it’s sufficiently odd that I have to wonder if there is a hidden subtlety making it appropriate.

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