[squeak-dev] ASN1 encoding of UTF8

Alan Pinch alan.c.pinch at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 22:09:44 UTC 2017

I got BigIntegers working in java ASN1


On 09/18/2017 12:29 PM, tim Rowledge wrote:
> We do have assorted string encoding stuff in the current image but the actual UTF8 results of #squeakToUtf8 (for example) are just ByteStrings. Which is actually rather confusing and annoying because now you have no way to know what encoding is relevant other than be carefully keeping track manually. Normally of course, within the image we have perfectly usable strings because any time a unicode character that is outside the 1-byte range is used the string becomes a WideString.
> We need to do better. Look at TextEncoder and its hierarchy for more info.
> tim
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