[squeak-dev] Interop with Squeak forks

Keith keithy at consultant.com
Thu Aug 2 03:08:46 UTC 2018

Hello Sean,

Sean wrote:
> My dream for a long time was for Squeak and Pharo to reunite, with 
> Pharo as a lean, mean base system, and Squeak implementing/porting all 
> the amazing projects on top, like some of the ones I listed above. I 
> realise that this is extremely unlikely especially for political 
> reasons, but since you asked! ;-)

Keith here, I read your comments on the survey with interest and a 
little sadness, since this need to promote interoperability between 
squeak forks was identified way back in the Pharo 1.0 days. I had 
previously asserted that it was the squeak team’s responsibility, as 
the parent of several children to inspire unification and to adopt a 
development approach that would automatically help being things together 

Back then I felt this was needed particularly for those of us who were 
interested in developing libraries or applications that would be useful 
to all branches. I am slowly looking through my old code (squeak 
3.9-4.0) era, so see what can be resuscitated . On my travels I found a 
couple of my old videos from 2010.

This video shows off “grow”, a command line tool for invoking and 
building images based on the different forks. I’ll see if it still 


This second video shows off Sake-Packages.


Looking back and reading the old Sake docs I am so impressed!


The way forward for interoperability is a suite of simple but powerful 
tools that are independent of GUI and of each fork. I had developed a 
few, and will see about breathing some new life into them over the next 
couple of weeks.

regards to all

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