[squeak-dev] implicit values (was "The Inbox: Tools-LM.828.mcz")

Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Tue Aug 14 19:47:29 UTC 2018

Hi Leon--

> ...I would like to hear someone else's stance on it however.

     I also think everyone should know that ([] value) is nil, so
writing "ifAbsent: []" is fine. But I wouldn't mind an explicit
expression inside those brackets, either, even if that expression is
"nil". No one's legitimacy is at stake in either case. A comment to
explain what that nil will signify later could be useful in some situations.

     In contrast, seeing someone write "^self" at the end of every
method that answers self (at least, without a comment to explain any
subtlety there may be) would drive me insane. :)


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