[squeak-dev] Just a thanks for the work so far

Jeremy Landry hakyoku at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 17:50:29 UTC 2018

I just gave the latest beta 5.2 a look last night and I'm rather psyched
about work that's been done. I personally am not a 'coder', I don't like
'writing' code, etc. and so I've been mostly using the Etoys distribution
as it allows me to get straight into the visual and motion design work that
I'm actually interested in. I had heard that Etoys was going to be merged
back into squeak, making the eye halo actually feel logical to even be
included again and when I tried version 5.0 a while back, it was still
largely under construction/on the to-do list. However last night, other
than the Etoys scriptor needing to be in text rather than tile, I was very
very happy and impressed at the same time and I just wanted to thank
everyone who's work and contributions towards this goal has gotten it to
this point now. Even if for some extremely unlikely reason that Squeak dev
completely stopped tomorrow morning, what is there is already nice.

Really, everyone has outdone themselves on squeak 5.x and this is just me
saying thanks and letting you know at least one person out in the
wilderness appreciates it.

I apologize for cluttering up the mailing list with kudos and congrats, but
I was really yelling at my screen last night saying the explicit versions
of 'hooray' and thought afterwards, 'I should write a polite and publicly
acceptable version of how I feel and pass that to those responsible' so
here I am.

Again, thanks and stellar work.

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