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> This is why I would prefer not to see this change - 

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> In Pharo's Playground errors in syntax highlighting are reset after a new line (see below).  So one only sees one line of red before syntax highlighting works as desired again.  This makes it bearable.  So if we are to enable syntax highlighting by default can we first create a subclass or mode of the Shout styler that resets its parse after a new line where preceding characters have been marked as in error?  Note also that the results of doit are inserted into the text as comments.

This actually refers back to some Help Browser stuff I posted a while back; being able to mark some text as CodeStyledStyle (for want of a better description). 

We could do a simple version where you select text, have it styled by Shout (if there are multiple sorts of styling, offer those options) and you get back the text styled with the normal bold/colour/etc stuff. That would be quite nice for static or nearly static text - in help pages for example.

Better of course would be a styling form that is active and, just as typing into the middle of a bold section makes the new letters bold, as you type it updates the styling to stay code styled rather than just whatever you happen to be typing into. 

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