[squeak-dev] Proof-of-concept: moving Smalltalk code editing support into SmalltalkEditor

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 22:51:04 UTC 2018

> auto-enclose is one of those things that relates to how one types and the present circumstances of work. I find it utterly infuriating; Chris finds it essential. Being able to select some text and enclose it with my choice of delimiter is essential to me - but having the automatic doubling of a delimiter whether I actually need it or not is just a bad match for my usage.

It no longer "doubles" the closing parenthesis, so you can type
exactly the same (including the closing paren) and you'll get exactly
the same results -- just a single closing paren -- just as when its

I understand it still may not suit you, but I just wanted to make sure
you knew that aspect was fixed a while back...

> It's a similar thing with the code styling. I really don't like automagic styling as done by Shout a great deal (but it's much less annoying now that Cog runs on Pi, since a non-trivial part of the irritation was the way it really slowed down the old VMs). I might like it more if it were also  doing some of the pretty-printing format regularisation BUT I really suspect that 'physically' moving your typing around as you go would be annoying.

Indeed!  When I change existing methods, I often type the new code up
against the left margin as fast as I can (no tabs and totally
unformatted) so I can easily _see_ which parts of the method I'm
changing.  Then before saving, I'll just use [Command+Shift+S] to
format the whole method in one shot.  I actually detest "autoIndent"
because it gets in the way of that and mostly just complexifies the
tabbing (sometimes you need [Tab], sometimes [Backspace], where's the

An alternative to this which may alleviate your performance concern
would be to add a preference something like, "Style Continuously",
which would do either all the time like now or only when you
pretty-print or save the method.

> Also, I'd probably like it a bit more if the styling cues were a little more visible to aging eyes.

Have you tried the Community Theme?  A lot of UI design thought went
into it.  If you don't like it, its easy to customize a theme for your

> auto-indent actually seems to work ok for my usage but I imagine it might be something that could work with a styler to help keep formatting nice.

What I want is to be able to use Command+Shift+S on only the
*selected* code instead of the whole method.   It seemed like a simple
change (changeset attached) but unfortunately the compiler only
compiles whole chunks of code that include, for example, all the
variable definitions too, not just the partials code that was
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