[squeak-dev] The Trunk: Graphics-mt.404.mcz

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Dec 5 23:03:50 UTC 2018

Why not #expandBy: ? We already use it for Rectangles and it means what I think we've been discussing here (I admit this may be a misunderstanding in which case this email will evaporate and leave no egg). It works descriptively (at least in English!) without being too long winded.

So 5 at 5 expandBy: 2 would make 3 at 3 corner: 7 at 7, 5 at 5 expandBy: 3 at 4 would make 2 at 1 corner: 8 at 9, and 5 at 5 expandBy: (2 at 3 corner: 4 at 5) would make 3 at 2 corner: 9 at 10. Obviously insetBy: would follow the same pattern.

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