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Wed Dec 12 06:26:26 UTC 2018

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of Tools to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-eem.838
Author: eem
Time: 11 December 2018, 10:26:23.796428 pm
UUID: f6aeef1b-77ff-440c-9e16-ab6b654a9378
Ancestors: Tools-pre.837

For the benefit of proxies avoid the use of withArgs:executeMethod: in Debugger>>runUntil.

=============== Diff against Tools-pre.837 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Debugger>>runUntil (in category 'code pane menu') -----
  	"Step until an expression evaluates to other than false, reporting an error if it doesn't evaluate to true.
  	 Remember the expression in an inst var.  If shift is pressed when the expression is supplied, don't update the UI.
  	 If shift is pressed while stepping, stop stepping.  Using a user interrupt to break out would be more natural
  	 but Squeak currently doesn't provide a UserInterrupt expection.  It should do."
  	| expression receiver context method value lastUpdate updateUI breakOnShift |
  	expression := UIManager default 
  					request: 'run until expression is true (shift to disable ui update; shift to break).'
  					initialAnswer: (untilExpression ifNil: 'boolean expression').
  	(expression isNil or: [expression isEmpty]) ifTrue:
  	updateUI := breakOnShift := Sensor shiftPressed not.
  	untilExpression := expression.
  	context := self selectedContext.
  	receiver := context receiver.
  	method := receiver class evaluatorClass new 
  				compiledMethodFor: untilExpression
  				in: context
  				to: receiver
  				notifying: nil
  				ifFail: [^ #failedDoit].
  	lastUpdate := Time millisecondClockValue.
  	Cursor execute showWhile:
  		[[self selectedContext == context
  		  and: [context willReturn not
+ 		  and: [(value := method valueWithReceiver: receiver arguments: {context}) == false]]] whileTrue:
- 		  and: [(value := receiver with: context executeMethod: method) == false]]] whileTrue:
  			[interruptedProcess completeStep: self selectedContext.
  			 self selectedContext == context ifTrue:
  				[self resetContext: interruptedProcess stepToSendOrReturn changeContents: false].
  			 Time millisecondClockValue - lastUpdate > 50 ifTrue:
  				[updateUI ifTrue:
  					[self changed: #contentsSelection.
  					 Project current world displayWorldSafely].
  					ifTrue: [Sensor shiftPressed ifTrue:
  								[self changed: #contentsSelection.
  								 self updateInspectors.
  					ifFalse: [Sensor shiftPressed ifFalse: [breakOnShift := true]].
  				 lastUpdate := Time millisecondClockValue]]].
  	self changed: #contentsSelection.
  	self updateInspectors.
  	(value ~~ false and: [value ~~ true]) ifTrue:
  		[UIManager default inform: 'expression ', (untilExpression contractTo: 40), ' answered ', (value printString contractTo: 20), '!!!!']!

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