[squeak-dev] Bugs.Squeak.org needs to be retired?!? (was [Mantis] Account registration)

Ken Causey klcausey at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 20:39:33 UTC 2018

 With increasing frequency over the past several weeks I have been getting
notices bugs.squeak.org account creations that don't really appear to be
real users.  Rarely is anything ever actually done with the accounts and in
fact it appears that most of the time they are quickly removed presumably
by the software/person creating them (or maybe someone else in the
community is just getting there faster than me?)

In any case, unless I'm mistaken the use of bugs.squeak.org to report and
organize issues is now deprecated.  Yes?  No?

If so then I really think that bugs.squeak.org should be closed.  At least
new account creation should be closed.  The next step, if possible would be
to disable all issue editing.

I'm willing to look into this but I believe I would need shell level access
to the host and probably to the the SQL server.


P.S. In the past the box-admins list (and others) was setup so that if the
sender was subscribed to squeak-dev then the message would be accepted to
the list.  It appears that this feature did not make it to the new host.
Not a big deal but I thought I would mention it.

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