[squeak-dev] Survey: what do you do with Squeak, what do you *want* to do?

Benoit St-Jean bstjean at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 12:48:20 UTC 2018

Q-What do you use Squeak for?

Genetic algorithms, scripting (a LOT), experimenting, Euler Project code, a chess engine, random data generator, cleaning up/transforming crappy data from databases and/or other sources, keeping up with new ideas in Smalltalk.

Q-If you don't use Squeak, why not?

Lack of a decent GUI builder. And unstability of the base code and/or difficulty to find code/frameworks/applications that load in-one-shot without me having to debug in the first place!

Q-If you used Squeak in the past and don't now, what pulled you away?

Lack of a decent GUI builder.  Lack of a decent Windows support.

Q-What does Squeak lack that you think might make you use it for 'regular' development?

A decent GUI builder.  And a central code repository that wouldn't make loading code a crazy adventure every time.

If I want Python code, all I have to do is to visit PyPI.  If I want Ruby code, all I have to do is to visit RubyGems. If I want R code, all I have to do is to visit CRAN R. If I want VisualWorks code, all I have to do is to visit Cincom Public Repository...

Now, if I want Squeak code, I have to visit SqueakSource, SmalltalkHub, GitHub, SqueakSource3, SqueakMap and use a GitHub tool, or file in some code, or use the package manager, or use Monticello, or use the Package Universe browser, or Gofer, or the SqueakMap Catalog Browser, or...  Well, you get the picture.  Besides, once I've found what I was looking for, often times the code doesn't load because it was ported to Pharo... or it's never been updated to be compatible with the current Squeak version.

Another tool Squeak needs is an image packager (à la VW or VAST or Dolphin) that works!  NOT scripts!

Q-What things are too hard or annoying to do?

Building GUIs, again. Package an image to deploy.  Keeping up with the base code.  Who need traits, really?  Who uses traits, really? It would have been more beneficial to invest that time/effort into cleaning up morphic, modularizing the code, create a GUI builder and an Image Stripper !

Q-What would you like to be able to use Squeak for? 

Everything.  I've always been a Smalltalker!

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