[squeak-dev] Survey: what do you do with Squeak, what do you *want* to do?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Mar 7 22:46:19 UTC 2018

These responses are really interesting. More!

I suppose I ought to chime in too

What do you use Squeak for?
Making a living, for the last (2018-1996) years, primarily Squeak-on-ARM. VM developments, ports to various ARM devices. System level code to make stuff work for all the stuff above it. Applications for various proprietary purposes and projects like Sophie and of course, Scratch-for-Pi.
Not yet a profit-making enterprise is Squeak for IOT doohickeys. My MQTT client is in use for a couple of interesting projects.

What does Squeak lack?
GUI tool(s).
Documentation & tools for it. Oh, *so* much lack of documentation.
Host windows. Oh, wait, we did those 14 years ago and no one has bothered to make use of them.
Support for cluster/parallel computing stuff.

What would I like to be able to use Squeak for?

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