[squeak-dev] Survey: what do you do with Squeak, what do you *want* to do?

Phil B pbpublist at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 22:12:57 UTC 2018


For client-side, a fairly heavily modified version of WebClient.

For server-side, I actually started with your port of Aida which I updated (
https://github.com/pbella/Cuis-Smalltalk-Aida) and went from there.  Before
that I was using Seaside on Pharo but didn't want to deal with getting
Unicode support (among other things) into Cuis at the time, which would
have been needed for Seaside.  We talked about it on the Cuis list but it
sounded like I was pretty much the only one doing web apps at the time and
the path of least resistance seemed to be Aida.  Glad I ended up going that
route as there are things that I definitely liked better about the Aida
approach vs Seaside. (Though both frameworks are good starting points)


On Mar 6, 2018 6:17 AM, "Germán Arduino" <garduino at gmail.com> wrote:

2018-03-05 20:20 GMT-03:00 Phil B <pbpublist at gmail.com>:

> One example: recently I was working on an OpenGL-based visualization (in
> Cuis) which gets it's data via a database-backed web service (also in Cuis)
> and needed to fine-tune some shaders.  Being the lazy sort that I am, I
> slapped together a quick web app (yet again in Cuis) that allowed me to
> interactively modify the shaders (without needing to restart the
> visualization, which was a nice bonus) and it all worked out quite well.  I
> liked the ease of it so much that I generalized the web app a bit and now
> use it as my front line of OpenGL monitoring and tweaking which is a lot
> faster than I could spit out even a simple 2D Morphic tool.
> Smalltalk as a foundation and lever makes that rapid development and
> blurring/erasing of distinctions (client/server,  thick/thin client)
> possible, but Cuis makes it practical by allowing me to trivially navigate
> from the highest level of abstraction in the image to the lowest and
> laterally from one set of tools to another since I can keep a mental model
> of large chunks of the system, and the entirety of the parts I am working
> on, in my head and alter fundamental system behavior as needed while not
> spending a lot of time and energy to keep it running as new images are
> released.  Theoretically all this is doable in Squeak, but in practice I
> didn't find it feasible.
Interesting comments!

How are you doing web stuff in Cuis, using Webclient port? Or another

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