[squeak-dev] Method Finder and deprecated method(s)

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Thu Mar 15 20:31:13 UTC 2018

Hi Eliot,

> On Mar 15, 2018, at 12:12 PM, Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda at gmail.com> wrote:
> In my working trunk image, I tried reverting (IIRC) Context>>inspectorClass's removal using Monticello Browser.  This left me in a state where I received a DNU whenever I tried to diff, show changes, or save to the inbox repo.   Things got ugly.  I saved screenshots.
> In the freshly updated trunk image, I didn’t fool around with reverting or diffing inside of Monticello Browser.  I just went straight to trying a ’save’ to the inbox repo.   This successfully created a commit (no DNU) but the commit again included the removal of Context>>inspectorClass.
> Where does the removal come form?  As required, Context>>inspectorClass is in Tools.  How is it being removed?

The current 6.0a image as downloaded from Squeak.org <http://squeak.org/> (Squeak6.0alpha-17606-32bit.image [Dec 21, 2017]) contains this anomaly and updating doesn’t help.

I just manually performed a bunch of diffs on the Tools project in the MC repository browser (I imagine there is a better way to do this).

It looks like Tools-eem.750.mcz is the last to have MethodContext>>inspectorClass in its *Extensions -> *Tools->Inspector.  Tools-eem.751.mcz is the first to have Context>>inspectorClass there.

Commit comment for Tools-eem.751.mcz (30 March 2017):

"Commit the essential cange of reference from MethodContext to Context before commiting the Kernel that does away with MethodContext."

Does that help?  

I have some suspicion, from my less-knowledgable viewpoint, that since MethodContext>>inspectorClass is in an *Extension, some subsequent commit could have come through in a different project, hadn’t updated to Tools-eem.751.mcz, and was missing Context>>inspectorClass?  But what do I know...


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