[squeak-dev] Balloon-tfel.26 inbox - B2DPlugin primitive fallback code

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Fri Mar 16 01:29:22 UTC 2018

Balloon-tfel.26 is rotting in the inbox, and probably should be merged to trunk.
Is there any reason not to have the fallback code for B2DPlugin primitives answer
default values, as opposed to sending #primitiveFail?

  Name: Balloon-tfel.26
  Author: tfel
  Time: 12 February 2015, 3:28:04.366 pm
  UUID: 94ab88a7-1f0f-0048-b15f-1a604dc5601a
  Ancestors: Balloon-tfel.22, Balloon-bf.25

  Instead of failing hard, return default values from Balloon primitive methods,
  for VMs without plugin (i.e., RSqueakVM)

I will note that there is another (different) Balloon-tfel.26 already in
trunk, so by "merge" I mean merge the affected methods, then move the inbox
Balloon-tfel.26 to the treated inbox.


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