[squeak-dev] VM crash upgrading via trunk from 5.1-17325 (420->421)

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Tue Mar 20 16:50:40 UTC 2018

Hi Tim,

try "Smalltalk cleanUp: true" before applying update #421.

Am 19.03.2018 08:11:05 schrieb Tim Johnson <digit at sonic.net>:
Hi all,
I was able to upgrade a 5.1 image all the way to update #420 (17325), thanks to the helpful new-ish methods in MCMcmUpdater.  Should I be able to upgrade beyond that?
When I try to apply #421, I get a friendly offer to drop into an emergency evaluator.  One time a dialog box appeared, informing me that the VM has crashed.  I thought I grabbed a screenshot of the VM crash dialog, but I guess I didn't.  I do have a crash.dmp file.
System details:
32-bit Windows 7
32-bit image, starting with 5.1 and upgraded via trunk through update-420
VMs tried: squeakcog.spur_win32x86_201803080952 and cog_win32x86_squeak.cog.spur_201608171728
Updates being applied at time of crash:
(I was also unable to update a 5.1 image via trunk past some point on OS X without a crash.  It might have been this update there too, but I don't have the details to confirm for now.)
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