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David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Thu Mar 29 17:51:57 UTC 2018

Thanks Sean,

I do try to keep an eye on the Pharo mailing lists, but not Discord.

I'm not sure what Luke is trying to do, but if he can ask on the Pharo
list I'll try to suggest something if I can.

If you are in touch with Luke, please suggest that he look for
#upToEndOfFile which may be closer to what he is intending.

Thanks for forwarding.


> I assume this is still the best place? This was posted by Luke Gorrie on
> the
> Pharo #general Discord channel, which I guess David will never see…
>> OSProcess is not working out that well for me. I know exactly what
>> system
>> calls I want to make (read, write, select/poll, etc) and when I want to
>> make them. The challenge is working out how to make the object-oriented
>> interface do what I want. For example I was totally surprised yesterday
>> that process upToEnd only returns output that was previously read from
>> the
>> process somehow and does not actually check for new output.
>> It's also unhelpful that many of the convenience methods, like
>> outputAndError, can deadlock because they are just not written correctly
>> with respect to how Unix works e.g. that you have to read from stdout
>> and
>> stderr in parallel and can't do one to completion and then the other.
>> I don't like to complain because obviously a lot of work goes into the
>> framework but I don't think it is really the right tool for the job for
>> my
>> own application. Could be more suitable if I were running many processes
>> and piping them together in Smalltalk, in the spirit of a Unix shell,
>> etc.
>> But I am just running one subprocess at a time and processing its output
>> stream.
> Also the question was raised whether OSP is still actively maintained for
> Pharo.
> Thanks!
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> Cheers,
> Sean
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