[squeak-dev] Regarding Raven: DOCap System

henry henry at callistohouse.club
Sat Mar 31 19:43:41 UTC 2018

@m_m#3045 for concurrency without shared state, running on a single green thread (smalltalk’s Process) with support for remote async sends to other images, there is my Raven [1], using Cryptography [2], ParrotTalk [3] and STON. This is an implementation of eright’s [4] ELib. I am working on implementing STON for Java, inside the ASN1 project [5] as I already have ParrotTalk in Java [6], binary interoperate with Squeak/Pharo, and my Raven work in progress in Java [7]. This model allows message send redirection to a promise or farRef (or nearRef) as an asynchronous send returning a promise, which supports whenResolved/whenBroken handlers to be registered per PromiseERef. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may be having about Raven. Raven is an implementation of an Actor model called Communicating Event Loops, in some literature [8] [9].

I hope this helps!

[1] http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography/Raven-HenryHouse.21.mcz

[2] http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography/Cryptography-rww.115.mcz

[3] http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography/ParrotTalk-rww.19.mcz

[4] http://erights.org/elib/index.html

[5] https://github.com/CallistoHouseLtd/ASN1

[6] https://github.com/CallistoHouseLtd/ParrotTalk

[7] https://github.com/CallistoHouseLtd/Raven

[8] https://eighty-twenty.org/2016/10/18/actors-hopl

[9] http://soft.vub.ac.be/Publications/2016/vub-soft-tr-16-11.pdf

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