[squeak-dev] https & woocommerce; basicAuth etc?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Oct 1 17:59:31 UTC 2018

I'm trying to be able to access my WooCommerce plugin stuff from Squeak and it's tantalisingly close to working. Part of the problem is that I'm just not very familiar with how http socketty stuff works - enough that I'm sure I don't know the right things to search for to get where I want.

I *can* talk to the 'software add-on' to woocommerce and do things like generate software keys, check validity etc. which is good; it shows that I can get through using https (at least I think so - debugging seems to indicate SSL getting used and checked) BUT I can't do the more basic WC stuff that requires some authorisation. I'll admit that it puzzles me that the add-on doesn't need authorisation but that's how it works.

So, can anyone point me to info or code that handles the 'basicAuth' - or indeed any  other authorisation - for http sockets? A guide of the level of 'http sockets and authorisation for dummies' wouldn't hurt either!

I did spot 'zinc' whilst floundering around. It seems rather old, and that doesn't necessarily mean bad but may mean borken enough to not work in any recent image. It might even have already been folded in?

Help me Obi-Woo Commercebi, you're my only socket!

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