[squeak-dev] https & woocommerce; basicAuth etc?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Oct 1 20:30:13 UTC 2018

> On 2018-10-01, at 1:01 PM, Chris Cunningham <cunningham.cb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are you using WebClient?  It is actually documented int he help system, check it out, especially the Authentication section. It does basic and digest authentication, apparently.

Sigh. I looked at the help, having noticed that webclient/server was one of the too few facilities with decent help some time ago. And I looked *right past* the bit I needed.

Nurse! Bring me some new dried frog pills!

More germanely, the webclient seems to want to do a request without any authorisation stuff, get back a '401' and retry with some authorisation - but from quickly debugging, WebClient>>#authenticate:from: is expecting a 'WWW-Authenticate' header section that simply isn't there. That would get used to choose the auth method. I haven't seen anything that makes me think I can force the woocommerce stuff to provide that header data. No idea if it is really a good scheme to rely upon it.

I suspect I can make up a way to do a more direct use-auth-first-time approach that might be better when you know it has to have it. After my frog pills...

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