[squeak-dev] Thank you Squeak Smalltalk programmers! :)

Christopher Becker christopher.becker at live.com
Mon Oct 15 22:29:19 UTC 2018

Hello Squeak Smalltalk developers!

Yesterday morning I downloaded and started using the newly-released Squeak 5.2 after having used Squeak 4.6 since its release, and previous versions before that back to 1999. I have been greatly enjoying the improvements! I’m in the process of porting my code base to 5.2 and quite a bit of it is coming alive!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)   <-   virtual versions of the smiles I had while exploring Squeak 5.2

To all those who have contributed to Squeak Smalltalk over the years, thank you! :)

Christopher Becker

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