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==================== Summary ====================

Name: Help-Squeak-Project-ul.59
Author: ul
Time: 8 September 2018, 11:15:24.834661 am
UUID: c59c0086-a42d-402d-a785-47a10356d36e
Ancestors: Help-Squeak-Project-cmm.58

- up-to-date OCompletition load script

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Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SqueakProjectHelp class>>extendingTheSystem (in category 'pages') -----
  	"This method was automatically generated. Edit it using:"
  	"SqueakProjectHelp edit: #extendingTheSystem"
  		title: 'Extending The System'
  'SqueakMap is an integrated catalog of external applications for Squeak.  It is accessible from the "Apps" menu.  This catalog does not host the projects, it merely documents the load scripts required to correctly bring them into the image.
  Many SqueakMap packages use Installer, which defines several packages in its package-definitions protocol.  Any of these can be loaded with an expression like the following:
  	Installer new merge: #openGL
  Change #openGL to the selector name of the package you want to load.  The latest version of that package and all of its prerequisites will be merged into the image.  Merging a package is no different from loading it unless the package is already loaded, in which case it is upgraded to the latest version in a way that preserves any local changes you may already have made.
  This remainder of this workspace documents load-scripts for packages that are not documented in either SqueakMap or Installer.
  "Provides source code completion as you type"
+ (Installer ss project: ''OCompletion'')
+ 	addPackage: ''OcompletionSqueakCompatibility'';
+ 	addPackage: ''Ocompletion'';
+ 	install.
- (Installer ss project: ''OCompletion'') install: ''Ocompletion''.
  (Smalltalk at: #ECToolSet) register.
  (Smalltalk at: #ToolSet) default: (Smalltalk at: #ECToolSet).
  "Including Refactoring engine"
  (Installer ss project: ''MetacelloRepository'') install: ''ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser''.
  ((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfOmniBrowser) project perform: #lastVersion) load: #( Dev ).
  Pier CMS
  "Pier CMS: http://www.piercms.com"
  (Installer ss project: ''MetacelloRepository'') install: ''ConfigurationOfPier2''.
  (Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfPier2) load.
  (Installer lukas project: ''pier2'') install: ''Pier-Blog''.
  (Installer lukas project: ''pier2'') install: ''Pier-Book''.
  (Installer lukas project: ''pier2addons'') install: ''Pier-Setup''.
  (Smalltalk at: #PRDistribution)  new register.
  Open Cobalt
  "http://opencobalt.org (Best to run this from an image in an open cobalt directory)"
  Installer ss project: ''TweakCore''; install: ''update''.
  [Installer ss project: ''TweakExtras''; install: ''update'']
  	on: (Smalltalk at: #CUnsynchronizedModification) do: [:ex | ex resume].
  Installer cobalt project: ''Tweak'';
  	answer: ''Would you like to conserve memory at all costs?'' with: true;
  	answer: ''Password for interactive VNC connections?'' with: ''cobalt'';
  	answer: ''Would you like to add the RFBServer to the World open menu?'' with: true;
  	install: ''update''
+ ]style[(9 309 19 252 6 126 8 237 11 270 11 210 8 386 11 547)Rcode://SMLoaderPlus open;,,Rcode://ToolSet browseClass: Installer category: ''package-definitions'';,,i,,u,,bu,,bu,,bu,,bu,!!' readStream nextChunkText)
- ]style[(9 309 19 252 6 126 8 237 11 209 11 210 8 386 11 547)Rcode://SMLoaderPlus open;,,Rcode://ToolSet browseClass: Installer category: ''package-definitions'';,,i,,u,,bu,,bu,,bu,,bu,!!' readStream nextChunkText)
  			key: #extendingTheSystem!

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