[squeak-dev] Large image with 64bit Squeak

Chris Cunningham cunningham.cb at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 15:28:41 UTC 2018

Hi.  This may or may not be a large image for everyone here, but yesterday
I needed to do some data analysis and ran my Squeak image up to 4.5GB in
memory, eventually saving it as 3.5GB, and successfully loading it back up
this morning.  This is wonderful!  I still remember the not to distant past
for me when I would get nervous once the image size was around 350MB, and
knew it would be unrecoverable once it passed 400MB - it is so nice not
having to worry about the size nearly as much.

This was on a Windows machine, too.

The only issues I faced was that you don't really want to use explorers on
118,000+ element arrays - the fact that the explorer wants to build the
entire list immediately before display (and each time you select an element
or open it or move the slider) is very painful.  Inspectors work fine,

Oh, and opening the image this morning took a very long time once it was
loaded into memory.

Still, wonderful to be able to do this at all.

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