[squeak-dev] Next meeting of German-speaking Squeakers on October 13, 2018 in Potsdam, Germany

H. Hirzel hannes.hirzel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 08:04:37 UTC 2018

Hello Marcel

The list of planned presentations is highly interesting. I would like
to attend but I will not be in Europe.

Here is an attempt of a translation of the presentation titles.

-  Was bedeutet “liveness” in Programmierumgebungen?
   What does "liveness" mean in IDE?

-  Pheno: Squeak optisch aufgebohrt
   Squeak: Enhanced GUI experience

-  Ein interaktiver Editor für strukturierte Objekte
   An interactive editor for structured objects

-  Koans: Smalltalk einfach lernen
   Learning Smalltalk easily with koans

-  Interaktives Morphic-Tutorial
   Interactive morphic tutorial

-  Scratch in Squeak 5.1: Bewährte Ideen mit neuem Unterbau
   Scratch in Squeak 5.1: time proven ideas with a re-vamped base

-  PowerSqueak: Hat der BookMorph ausgedient?
   PowerSqueak: Is the BookMorph obsolete?

-  Scamper: Der nächste Schritt zum Web in Squeak
   Scamper: the next step to have the web accessible within Squeak

It would be nice if somebody could write English summaries and with
references to repositories if available for wider use.


On 9/28/18, Marcel Taeumel <marcel.taeumel at hpi.de> wrote:
> Hi, there.
> This is a brief notification to all German-speaking Squeakers who are not
> (yet) subscribed to the Squeak e.V.  mailing list. :)
> Our next meeting of the Squeak e.V. will be on October 13 in Potsdam,
> Germany. We are looking forward to have an interesting afternoon full of
> talks and demos. We welcome non-members to the meeting! ;)
> For more information, visit:
> http://squeak.de/news/ [http://squeak.de/news/]
> http://forum.world.st/Treffen-des-Squeak-Deutschland-e-V-am-13-Oktober-2018-in-Potsdam-tp5085301.html
> ...and those who are in town but not so fluent in German: We always welcome
> non-German-speaking Squeakers, too! I suppose that you will understand the
> live demonstrations anyway. :) We will be able to translate technical
> details or questions into English as well.
> See you in Potsdam!
> Marcel

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