[squeak-dev] usable FTP site that we can reasonably include as an example?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Jan 2 01:22:06 UTC 2019

Having a mock ftp site for testing isn't a bad idea, and I understand that plain old ftp isn't really a Good Thing anymore. 

We ought to have *something* that makes ServerDirectory work though. Right now it is very ftp oriented but I don't see why we can't improve the other protocols, maybe even add sftp etc. I see at least some inklings of support for http & file url paths in there. Lots of this seems to be very, very, old though and with very little evidence of being used. We have some 'interesting' related classes to think about as well, like PRServerDirectory, SuperSwikiServer, SwikiPseudoFileStream.

Does anyone feel brave enough to dive into this stuff? What protocols are worth supporting? We at least have the basics of secure sockets etc to help.

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