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Thu Jan 3 21:34:27 UTC 2019

A new version of TrueType was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: TrueType-kfr.52
Author: kfr
Time: 3 January 2019, 10:34:19.705286 pm
UUID: 248937ad-7e63-4c27-b659-6165fdda9ffe
Ancestors: TrueType-pre.51

FontImporterTool would not open because 'Noto Color Emoji' error:  'File does not have a naming table'.  
Delete the font from FontPaths and continue

=============== Diff against TrueType-pre.51 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TTFileDescription class>>openFontFile:do: (in category 'instance creation') -----
  openFontFile: fontFileName do: aBlock
  	"Open the font with the given font file name"
  	| fontFilePath file |
  	fontFilePath := FontPaths at: fontFileName 
  		ifAbsentPut:[self findFontFile: fontFileName].
  	fontFilePath ifNil:[^nil].
  	file := [FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: fontFilePath] on: Error do:[:ex|
  		"We lost the font; someone might have moved it away"
+ 		FontPaths removeKey: fontFileName ifAbsent:[].
+ 		^nil].
+ 	[^[aBlock value: file binary]  on: Error do:[:ex|
+ 		"Error reading font. Skip it" 
+ 		FontPaths removeKey: fontFileName ifAbsent:[].
+ 		^nil] ] ensure:[file close].
+ 	!
- 		fontFilePath removeKey: fontFileName ifAbsent:[].
- 		^nil
- 	].
- 	^[aBlock value: file binary] ensure:[file close].!

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