[squeak-dev] Update on source.squeak.org upgrade

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 20:57:47 UTC 2019

> > > If you happened to try Personal SqueakSource and have any negative
> > > feedback, please let me know soon, otherwise I'll start thinking about
> > > upgrading it on the server and kissing the timeouts goodbye.
> > >
> >
> > Thank you *SO* much!  It has been such a joy not having to deal with
> > timeouts any more.  Committing feels slick and reliable.  Great work.
> >
> +1000

Always a pleasure to hear positive feedback.  I imagine your 64-bit VM
plays a role in the speedup too.

> It is working great now. We'll do a similar update to the squeaksource.com
> server RSN to bring it up to date with modern Squeak image and VMs as well.

Good!  I'm happy to help if desired.

> That will get both services running on the same code base, and should improve
> performance and reliability as well.

It definitely will.  I think SqueakSource makes a great "example
application" for anyone wanting to learn Squeak, due to the wide
breadth of different things it does.


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